Just like that, we’re done with the second month of the year and it’s time to give you a few February life updates from me.

First and foremost, I’m still working from home and continuing to shelter in place. While UK and US and some other ASEAN countries have been busy doing their vaccination drive, it’s not the case in the Philippines unfortunately. I love working from home although I do miss the few times I would work at a coffee shop. I know some people are actually doing that nowadays but I don’t want to risk it.

Reading Progress

I wanted to put a dent on my reading goal this month but no such luck! It’s not to say I didn’t do any reading because I did. I’m still reading Project Happiness by Gretchen Rubin. Really interesting!

Movies and/or Series I Watched

So here’s why I wasn’t able to finish any book this month. I was too engrossed in watching a series. It’s not a new one. In fact, it wrapped up a few years ago: How to Get Away with Murder. Thank you Netflix. I finished all six seasons, finally! I liked how it ended mostly. I say mostly because I wish Michaela went to jail for being a backstabbing and perjuring bitch. LOL!

Gardening Life Updates

I bought so many plants this month! It’s the most plant purchase I had since I started last year. I don’t feel bad about buying so much. After all they make me happy! but I do feel I should slow down. They are living things I have to take care of too after all!


Speaking of living things, we have a dog in the house! Well, our tenant has a dog. But the cute and stout puppy is always wandering around our garage, she’s almost like my pet.

february life update a pet

The pup is the complete opposite of Lucky. While my cat is so chill and aloof except when asking for food, the pup is full of energy!


The end of February means I’ve had this blog self hosted for a month on GreenGeeks already! Still so many kinks I have to work out! For instance, I have to revisit and reformat most of my blog posts since since it’s so different from Blogger. Other than that though, I’m happy being self hosted.

Oh and I even got a couple of blogging collaborations. I wrote about my ultimate dream country to visit in exchange for a wall decor and also a paid how-to post that involved inserting a few keywords in it. I’m so tickled pink that there are brands who wanted to work with me!

I also started two other blogs that are both general interest. As I try to be true to this blog being more lifestyle centric, the other two are where I will share more reviews and talk about whatnots. Liz in the City is where I talk about my city adventures though it’s hard to update it much these days where staying home is safest. A Little Bit of Everything, on the other hand, well as the name implies, anything goes.

Health Update

I also made it a goal this 2021 to be healthier. I’m happy to report that for the most part of February, I was able to workout more! Aside from cardio workouts, I’ve been doing yoga for beginners.

The lockdown and the pandemic had been getting to me. In fact, I’ve found it hard to sleep at night because I overthink and I become paranoid about being sick. To help me calm my mind, I’ve been doing some morning affirmations. Whenever I find myself going to a bad place mentally, I do an affirmation: I am healthy. I am strong.

So those are my February life updates. I continue to pray that this pandemic will be over and we can all move forward. How was February for you guys? Still keeping up with your new year goals?