I’ve been thinking about making some more changes, A few months ago, I wrote about the changes I want to make in my life. This time though I’m looking to make some changes with our house. It’s an old house and if money wasn’t a concern, I’d love to renovate it. But I can’t really afford to shell out so much right now. Still I haven’t let it stop me from pushing through with sprucing up the house even a little. How? By having plants as home decor. It’s the most noticeable change one will see when they drop by the house. There are leafy greens all around from snake plants to pothos and spider plants.

Lately there’s a new home decor idea I’ve been thinking of adding on to our house: Flowers. And ever since I saw a post from one of my favorite lifestyle bloggers talking about how she’s been buying a fresh bouquet of flowers and putting it in her home, I’ve become even more convinced with getting one for myself.

I’ve always loved the idea of having flowers. In high school, I used to secretly hope that I’d get a surprise flower delivery from a guy on Valentine’s Day like the other girls. I’d display it proudly in my room until it wilts and then I’d press it as memento. No such luck though! Ha! Ha! Still, they’re so pretty and fragrant so what’s not to love about them right? Although I now know that they have more benefits than just being pretty to look at and giving it a gift to show someone you like them romantically. Flowers can clean the air or help one sleep. They can also help with the pain and they can boost one’s mood and overall well being. It’s not a wonder why they make a great gift! For those of you living in New York city, you can check out PlantShed flower delivery.

As for me and my home decor plans, I’m actually already imagining the places in our house where I’d put flowers at and why.

5 Places in the House I’d Put Flowers as Home Decor

1. Kitchen

My dream kitchen is all white, wood and bright. If I’d renovate our house, that’s the very first place I’d start at. But like I said, I’m starting the changes I want to do with our house with home decors. My mom spends a lot of time in the kitchen because we have a small carinderia. Of course, so many scents waft out of our kitchen because of the various food that gets cooked in the kitchen. I’d put flowers on the table where she does all the food preparation so she can see something beautiful and smell something fragrant while she does her kitchen work. I imagine it could lessen some of the stress of the people there that’s specially high when there’s also food to cook for outside orders.

2. Living Room

We have a nice living room that gets some morning sun in through the windows. I put a couple of plants in there – a big plant of snake plant in the corner which I won from a contest, a fortune plant that my friend propagated and gave to me in one of the corner tables and a spider plant on the white cabinet that houses my grandma’s antique dolls. However our coffee table is looking bare which is right in the center of the room. I think a vase of fresh flowers in there would a nice sight to see in the morning when we come down the stairs from our rooms. Plus it is where we entertain people. It’ll make a nice centerpiece.

I’m thinking of sunflowers for the room. It’s a nice bright yellow color. When I see it in the morning, I will think “It’s going to be a good day!”

3. Dining Room

In the near future when we can safely entertain people at home again, I’d love to also invite my friends for a nice lunch or dinner at our house. We have quite a big dining table there that’s hardly used except on some birthdays, Christmas and New Year’s. Like our living room coffee table, that table’s looking bare. I’d love to add a bouquet of flowers there too as centerpiece. Since it’s also surrounded by windows, the fresh flowers can stay alive for a little while.

4. My Bedroom

I actually already have flowers in my bedroom since I’m going for hygge theme in there. I have dried flowers in a vase on my work desk. But I’m looking to buy lavender flowers in particular for my room to put beside my bed to help me feel even more relaxed and help me sleep better at night. Wanting a good night’s sleep is the very reason I’ve been wearing pajamas and putting on lavender lotion at bedtime.

Photo credit: Pinterest

5. Backyard Garden

Flowers with their different shapes, sizes and colors – they’ll definitely make our garden look even nicer. I remember growing up to a garden with full of fresh blooms from santan, sampaguitas and orchids. Haven’t seen flowers in our garden in so long. Might be time to plant some again! Can you picture it? A garden full of flowers that’s going to also make a for an Instagram worthy background for when I take pictures at home. It may also attract more butterflies and birds to our home.

The thought of buying and putting fresh flowers as home decor already excites me. I hope there’s a flower shop stall in one of the weekend markets where I can check out some fresh flowers to buy! I can’t wait to stop and smell the flowers in our very own house.