Last Monday, I got to cross out another item from my bucket list. I went to Blue Water Day Spa with a friend. We tried the Tibetan Meridian Fire Therapy. This is actually more than just your basic massage. It’s a slimming treatment.

slimming treatment at Bluewater Day Spa
What is the Tibetan Meridian Fire Therapy Treatment?

Tibetan Meridian Fire Therapy treatment is a Chinese origin which uses products that are imported from Tibet. The hard massage is combined with fire therapy which can dramatically improve blood circulation, expedite the removal of bodily toxins and waste and can help reduce the water retention stored inside the limbs. As a result, you’ll be able to tone any part of your body like your arms, thighs, abdomen and buttocks. I had the treatment done on my tummy while my friend, Jack had the treatment done on her back. Unlike the normal massage session, the Tibetan Meridian Fire Therapy has two therapists alternately working on you.

The Experience
slimming treatment massage
This tummy massage is so not comfortable! 

It doesn’t show on the photo I know but I was quite uncomfortable with the massage that comes part of this slimming treatment. Well I’m not really a massage connoisseur. I’ve only gotten one spa massage my entire life but it’s not usual that we get our abdominal areas massaged and a hard massage at that! The hard massage is necessary to burn the fat cells and to get rid of the cellulite. If you’re going to try Tibetan Meridian Fire Therapy on your abdomen here’s a good tip I got from our supervising therapist: focus on your breathing. Believe me it works.

The hard massage is only the beginning though. What comes next is the fire therapy. You guys probably have heard of a cold wrap right? My boss before used to engage in that at Marie France. But if you’re like me who has low tolerance for cold, then fire therapy is perfect for you.


This fire slimming treatment is done five times. For it to effectively melt away fats you have to endure the fire for a couple of minutes. Lucky for me I could tolerate the heat.

The Result

When the treatment was done, I lost about 4 inches from my tummy area.

After the treatment, I didn’t instantly feel the pain of my abdominal muscles but after just a couple of minutes, it began to ache. It was as though I did sit ups – intense sit ups. But you know what they say, no pain, no gain.


If you’ve got high tolerance for pain and the money to spare (this costs Php3000), I highly suggest you try Tibetan Meridian Fire Therapy. It’s a great way to jumpstart your way to a sexy body. Yes you still need to exercise and have a healthy diet of course.

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