Achieve a flat tummy and smaller waist – that’s been a goal I’ve had since forever! Before the pandemic, I was hitting the gym almost everyday for a workout to make it happen. I did cardio and strength training and it was paying off!

Now, I just can’t go to the gym as I used to do. It’s a high risk activity these days. I used that for a while as an excuse too to say goodbye to my body goal. However I know we’re in this state for a while so I figured I might as well get back to setting goals – overall health goal included!

Since I’m not working out as much as before, I looked into other ways I could possibly look slimmer.

Wear shapewear – It’s a very popular piece of undergarment and for good reason! Wearing one helps you smoothen out unwanted bulges specially when wearing body hugging clothes. Shapewears have come a long way too! They now come in breathable fabrics and styles.

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Yes, there’s also a plus size shapewear for women who are curvier and fuller bodied.

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When it comes to shapewear, it should always be comfortable and made of high quality. It’s a quick and temporary fix to achieve a flat tummy and smaller waist but it will help you look good!

Drink that H2O – There are benefits to drinking water. It flushes out toxins and waste from our body. Drinking water also helps keep us hydrated so our body doesn’t store excess fluids. Lastly, sufficient water intake helps us boost our metabolism, allowing us to process our food intake better and burn calories.

Get enough sleep – I am honestly guilty of not getting enough rest at night.. It’s specially true for me last year since moving to a work from home setup. Without enough sleep, our bodies conserve energy which means fat isn’t burned off! A podgy stomach can be a result of that! This is also why it’s one of my goals for the year.

Get that posture right – Admit it! If your work consists of being in front of the laptop and sitting most of the day, there’s a tendency for you to slouch. But did you know that with good posture, you not only look slim but it also engages your stomach? Waist trainer for women can also be beneficial to helping you get that posture right. Again this is a temporary fix but a good posture has many health benefits other than to look slim!

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Cut down on salty foods – Another tip on how to get a smaller waist and flat tummy is to watch what you eat. In particular, salty foods which can be a culprit to a bloated look! Experts say you can reduce salt intake to just 3g a day by cutting down on processed food. Doing so helps the body body release retained water meant to help dilute high salt levels in the body. 

Drink coffee – This is good news for coffee lovers like me! Studies have shown that drinking coffee actually helps in weight loss! It also boosts our metabolic rate and increase fat burning. So go on and take that morning coffee!

Chill out – When I’m feeling stressed out, I eat! And you know what? It turns out there’s a reason for that! When we’re stressed, our body burns more energy to fight off the stressor. In turn, it makes our brain think we have to eat to regain the energy we used up. There are plenty of ways to relax such as doing yoga, meditation or even just helping yourself to a few minutes of Netflix.

Supplement It – The pandemic has made a lot of us more health-conscious. I’ve been more religious in taking vitamins these days for sure! Another reason? Certain vitamins, such as Vitamin C, D and Calcium can also help you slim down! Fish oil is also a good supplement to aid weight loss!

Keep a food journal – This was one of the things I learned when I started at the gym on a quest to lose weight. My nutritionist told me to write down what I eat and what I’m feeling everytime. Keeping track will help you identify what you might be doing wrong or right. Knowing things helps you make changes to your diet for overall weight improvement.

Drink your tea. Studies have shown that there’s a strong correlation between drinking green tea and having a smaller waist. This is because green tea contains both caffeine and catechins, an antioxidant that help boost metabolism. Caffeine gives you more energy while catechins help break down excess fat.

Of course, if you really want to achieve a flat tummy and smaller waist, the best way is to keep a healthy diet and exercise. Feel free to use an accessory to enhance your workout too such as a waist trainer to get rid of hip dip. There’s no shame in that at all!

Still, after following the tips above, I can say that I have seen improvements in my body! Some people I know have even complimented my slim figure.

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