I wasn’t a believer of workout at home before the pandemic. I always had an excuse not to such as work and that I need people around to push me to workout. That’s why I signed up for a gym membership in 2016 and saw great progress with how I looked overall. But then the pandemic hit in March last year which shuttered establishments like the gym. I didn’t want to lose the results of all the hard work I put in at the gym so I started working out at home. That’s really how I started in this new fitness journey.

We all thought it was a lockdown that’ll be just a month-long and then we’d be back to our usual routines. But here we are fast forward to today. We’re still in some sort of quarantine and daily COVID-19 cases now tally up as high as 20k. Not going to lie. Even more than a year of doing home workouts, I still have my struggles. I still have to continuously push myself to get moving. And sometimes, I find myself skipping exercise because it’s always so tempting to just sit and watch Netflix! Or read a book. Or play a game or two. But I always come back to exercising.

Do you find yourself struggling to keep fit at home? Well, let me share with you some tips on how I’m able to keep myself motivated to exercise even while I’m staying home.

  • I remember my “WHY”

This is the foremost important thing I learned about how to reach my fitness goal. WHY am I working out? And I remember that it’s for my overall health. I want to be healthy which is so important especially now! COVID-19 is also a disease. If we’re to beat the virus if we ever get sick or prevent ourselves from getting sick, we’ve got to have a strong immune system. Exercise is proven to boost one’s immunity.

The second reason I continue to workout even at home is to look good. That means still fitting in my clothes! Plus when you look good, you feel good, right?

  • I have a designated space for workout

Unlike going to the gym which instantly sets my mind that I’ll be working out, at home, it’s not as easy to do since there are more distractions. Having a space dedicated to my workout at home helps put me in a mindset to exercise. No, I don’t have a home gym for that. But I do have our living room. Every morning, I would change into my workout clothes and set my yoga mat on our living room floor. Sometimes, I also make use of our garage especially these days when I’ve got my personal training sessions.

  • I change into fashionable activewear

Just like having a dedicated space for my workout, changing into chic activewear also motivates me to workout at home. My gym clothes before were cute and colorful! I wear them now for exercise at home. Actually been thinking of buying a couple more activewear. Bombshell sexy thigh high sock leggings from Bombshell Sportswear is worth considering!

Lagoon Pocket Thigh Highs
Thigh Highs Heather

These are just two of the styles I like. According to the description, they’ve got a thick fabric, very comfy and tailored fit. In the striped area of these thigh high socks, In the striped area of the thigh-high socks, the fabric absorbs moisture with its breathable mesh allowing air to flow during a challenging workout session.

It’s high waist which I think is a good thing to hide my tummy bulges! They’re also very stretchy so there’s no need to worry about the material ripping like in the middle of a split or a high kick! They absolutely look like they sculpt the silhouette so wearing it will be flattering! Plus check out that side pocket on the Lagoon! I definitely could use leggings with a pocket so I can put my phone or money in it.

  • I set time to workout at home

It’s easier to lose motivation when working at home. After all, there’s no one else there to push you to do it. At the gym, I had my friends and I had a personal trainer. I only have me to depend on. So I found that in order for me to stay motivated, I make sure to set a dedicated time to do it.

For me, that time is morning before work. Whether it’s a 10 or 15-minute yoga workout, a 30-minute low-impact workout or 1-hour workout, I make it a point to include it in my morning routine.

My fitness routine at home is far from when I was going to the gym daily. But the important thing is I choose to move. After more than a year of workout at home, I can say I have squashed my old belief that the only way I could get fit is at the gym. Results are possible to achieve even at home. Just have to stay motivated!