While my other TV series addictions are on break, I’ve found a couple of new ones to fill my weekends with.

First addiction: Prison Break

Okay so technically, Prison Break is not new. In fact the series has already ended back in 2009. But me and my folks are only catching up now thanks to Ryan’s old DVDs which he no longer wanted and had therefore given to me. It is so addicting! I love how it keeps you on the edge of your seat guessing at every scene: who are part of the cover up? who can Michael and Linc trust?

Soon as I have money to spare, I’m going to buy Seasons 3 and 4 of Prison Break. 
Second Addiction: Nikita

I love ladies who can kick ass! Charlie’s Angels Cameron, Drew and Lucy were a fave. Now, Maggie Q. is strutting in high heels and kicking bad guys’ asses. I do believe Nikita’s first season is done. I saw a DVD box set of Nikita at AstroVision just recently. But well ETC just began showing it so I’ve only began to love it. And in case you guys were wondering what has ever happened to Shane West – you know, Mandy Moore’s lead guy in A Walk to Remember – well, he’s back on the small screen… as Nikita’s love interest I think…