I love these lines from Max Gonzales, aka JC de Vera from tonight’s The Legal Wife episode:

“Hindi ibig sabihin na hindi lang sila magkasama pwede na tayo makisawsaw. Nicole, makakahanap din tayo ng para sa’tin.” 

“Tingin ko mas matatapang yung mga taong umaalis kung alam lang nilang hindi na nila kailangan yung sakit na hinaharap nila. At ako Nicole alam ko you don’t deserve this prison.”

This show actually has a lot of those quotable lines especially from Matet de Leon.  I also love by the way because she’s the kind of person who doesn’t tiptoe around your feelings and tells it to you straight when you’re being an idiot or pathetic or whatever. This kind of friend is definitely worth having around because she’s the one who’s going to knock sense into you when she knows you need it.

The Legal Wife is almost coming to an end. Three nights to go… Wonder what’s going to happen to Adrian and Monica? Will they get back together or will he die? I saw that Adrian had a car accident on the preview. And I wonder what’s going to happen to Nicole? This is definitely a TV show worth watching. So many real life lessons you can pick up and you can definitely relate to the characters and the story! Hats off to the writers of this show! Ang galing nyo!

I’m hoping Nicole would come to her senses in the end. She needs to realize he’s never gonna be with her and finally lets Adrian and Monica be (that is if they don’t decide to kill off Adrian in the story) Right now kasi, medyo nakakainis na masyado character niya. I mean how many times does the guy have to tell her he doesn’t love her? Though of course I feel sorry for her din naman because syempre, she’s just someone na nagmahal. Yun nga lang kasi talaga, she fell in love with the wrong person.

JC! Ang pogi mo talaga!

I couldn’t resist not getting a screenshot of Max of course. He’s just so gwapo! So while I do listen to the dialogues, some part of my brain is also gushing over JC de Vera. I told you, he’s one of the reasons I watch The Legal Wife.