Since I subscribed to Netflix, most of the movies I watch nowadays are in it – either an original Netflix film or one that hit theaters before, got a DVD version and now, on the streaming giant. Watching movies is one of my favorite things to do to while away the time. It was my favorite bonding activity with my Dad too – that’s actually why we had tons of DVDs at home ’til Mom decided they were only adding to the clutter of the house and sold them all.

Anyway, so let me just share with you some of the movies I’ve watched and liked on Netflix. 
1. The Crush
This 1993 film stars Alicia Silverstone and Cary Elwes. It’s a psycho thriller story about a young man who becomes the object of affection of a mentally unstable young girl. Nick Elliot, a journalist, rents the house of a wealthy couple whose 14 year old daughter flirts with him and becomes increasingly obssessed with him when her advances to him are rejected.
This was an exciting movie. Alicia played the role of the obsessed girl perfectly. It’s reminiscent of Fatal Attraction except you know, the obsessed female is younger. 
2. Primal Fear

Edward Norton plays an altar boy who gets accused of murdering a priest and Richard Gere plays a high powered, well known lawyer who has to prove his innocence in the court. 
I would say this movie is real twisted. But superb acting from Edward Norton. It’s no wonder he earned an Oscar nomination as Best Supporting Actor in this film. To think this movie was his on screen debut! 
3. Fracture
The movie stars Ryan Gosling as a young assistant district attorney intent on climbing up the career ladder who finds himself engaging in a battle of the wits with Anthony Hopkins’ character, a wealthy man accused of attempted murder of his unfaithful wife.
Another great watch. It’s a smart thriller that’ll keep you at the edge of your seat. Hopkins’ acting was as always impeccable. Very reminiscent for me of how he played Hannibal Lectre. And Gosling was able to keep up in terms of acting so together they made a great pair to watch.
4. Straight Outta Compton
I’m sure you’re familiar with Beats by Dr. Dre and Ice Cube. Well, this movie will give you an inside look at how they started their music careers. This is a biographical film about N.W.A (Niggas with Attitude) and the rise and fall of this gangsta rap group.
I liked this film because it gave a very interesting look at the lives of two guys and their friends who are now very big in the entertainment industry. Also while not a fan of rap music, I would have to say Fuck the Police song was very catchy. 
5. Set it Up
The film is about two assistants who are in desperate need of a break from the office. They team up to trick their workaholic bosses into falling in love. This one is a Netflix original and a fairly recent release.  
This movie is super cute and full of kilig. Also comes with a love lesson too – how to tell the difference between like and love. You like someone because of their qualities/personality. You love someone despite of.