One of my two makeup must-haves is lipstick and so I recently let myself splurge on a lippie brand. I ordered the Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip Color by Rihanna. Love how putting on lipstick can instantly put color on the face! It’s a mood lifter too when I’m feeling blah. I have tried and bought quite a number of lipstick brand already over the years such as Happy Skin. Also love the shades of that local beauty brand which I used a lot at the gym. I wanted to still look cute for my trainer crush even when I’m all sweaty from working out and it was the only form of makeup I would allow myself to wear so my pores wouldn’t get clogged. Ha! Ha! It’s also the most expensive lipstick brand I ever allowed myself to own – until recently that is!

I’ve head of Fenty Beauty by Rihanna of course but I’m honestly not the type to easily get swayed by a celebrity endorsing a brand. Okay technically Rihanna owns this makeup line but still I never did pay attention. For one, I didn’t think it was available in the Philippines anyway and two, I knew it would be expensive considering it’s an imported brand. So what changed?

Well I finally got a long look at it, particularly the Fenty lipstick, because my friend and work colleague who also sits right across from me, Fate, shared how much she’s been eyeing this lipstick for quite a while already on Sephora. So we got to chatting about it. She showed me some photos of this lip paint not only on Sephora but Fenty’s IG and website too and before I knew it, I, too was hooked on Fenty.

Add to Cart!

They say before you buy something, you should try to give it a few days first before actually parting with your hard earned money. It’s the way to curve impulse shopping. Well I couldn’t forget so finally I convinced Fate to buy along with me.

We used of course (if you’re not registered, use my referral code when you download!) so we could get some cash back from our online shopping since Sephora is an affiliate. I don’t know about you but it somehow makes me feel like I’m still saving a bit because I’m getting some money back.

Unboxing and Trial

About a week later, our Sephora Fenty lippies finally arrived.

This shade is called Unattached
This shade is called Uncuffed
The packaging is nice and they also initially look more like bottles of nail polish than liquid lipsticks.

How do I look?

I tried both Uncuffed and Unattached. Both lipsticks actually look different on different skin tones. On me, this is how they looked:

Wearing Unattached which is a bright coral. I love that pop of color! 
Wearing Uncuffed which is Rosy Mauve.
I have to say I love both colors on me. My friends though felt it was odd to see me wearing such neutral color as the Uncuffed. I’m really more on bright colors like the coral although I now from time to time also wear neutral lip colors. Anyway, while they said it was odd, it was a good kind of odd – is that a thing? Ha! Ha!

The Fenty Beauty Experience

Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint is very creamy but it doesn’t feel heavy to wear just as it claims. I first put on my liquid lipstick the morning I got it from Sephora but I wasn’t very pleased with that first application because the color was already gone by early afternoon. Good thing I realized I was wearing lip gloss before I put it on which highly affects its staying power (it gets that way with my Maybelline 16HR Liquid Matte Lipstick) so when before I reapplied, I made sure to wipe my lips of remnants of the lip gloss and that I wasn’t wearing lip balm. The color finally lasted hours even after I sweated it out at the gym and kept drinking water. Impressive! I also love that it was non-drying despite the absence of lip balm. I didn’t feel the need to moisturize my lips.

And because of its creaminess, you just have to apply it once. No need to layer it to appreciate the color. It’s also something I realized after I applied it the first time. I felt like I put on too much. One swipe folks. It’s all you need. It’s gonna help lessen this lipstick from smudging. Yep – that’s the downside right there of this lippie. Probably has something to do with its composition again which is that it’s creamy and not matte.

Is it worth it?

Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint in is Php1, 200. What? That much? Yup! That’s why I said it’s a splurge. It’s like buying the likes of MAC and NARS lipsticks. But I don’t regret buying this. I think it was overall a good purchase. It’s really high quality and I would say a lot of people would attest to that because this beauty brand of Rihanna has quite the following.

Now that I have discovered Fenty Beauty, you bet your boots I’m buying again. Not just the Stunna Lip Paint although yes there are a couple more colors I want to buy.

Where to Buy and How to Find out More

You can buy Fenty Beauty on And if you want to read up more on this, you can visit their website or check out their IG (@fentybeauty).