Last year, I found out that my go-to face scrub brand, St. Ives, launched a new cleansing product line which is the St. Ives cleansing stick. I was on a hunt for a facial cleanser that was small enough for me to bring to my travel as I didn’t want to log around my bulky facial wash at home and I wanted to avoid buying sachet types to reduce waste.

I’m finally doing a review of this product after so many months!😅  I originally planned to just use this for whenever I had travels but well, the pandemic and the lockdowns happened which means I’m not going anywhere anytime soon. Finally decided to use this St. Ives cleansing stick everyday instead of waiting for a time when I would have another trip because that’s an uncertainty for me right now.

What is a Cleansing Stick?

First, what is a cleansing stick? It’s a recent Korean beauty trend to have hit the skincare market. They’re solid facial cleansers and are normally made with a combination of natural oils and moisturizers. St. Ives formulated their cleansing sticks with 100% natural coconut oil with some of their favorite ingredients (cactus water, honey, apricot and green tea just to name a few). 

They have 4 variants of the cleansing stick:

1. Cactus Water & Hibiscus to hydrate and soften the skin as you cleanse

2. Matcha Green Tea & Ginger to detoxify and refresh skin   

3. Rose Water & Bamboo Facial to say goodbye to shine and have skin feeling soft and hydrated 

4. Apricot & Manuka Honey to remove impurities and restore dull looking skin to its glow-iest self 

So I’m going to share my review of St. Ives Cleansing Stick Apricot and Manuka Honey because that’s what I bought.


First Impressions

The first that captured my attention is the packaging. The color’s cute and bright – reminds me of the warm rays of morning sunshine. It also reminds me of a glue stick – the jumbo kind. On the inside, it looks like a lip balm! 

St Ives Apricot and Manuka Honey

Since this is a solid cleanser, I have no worries about it spilling so it was actually pretty great for my trip before because it involved flying out. I didn’t need to secure this in a sealable plastic. I simply tossed it in my makeup bag.

Experience with Using It 

Using this is also very easy. I simply twist the bottom part so that the product would stick out. After wetting my face with water, I just glide the product on my face. Don’t need to apply so much too! I just glide it once on both cheeks, my forehead and my neck and it’ll lather enough. 

It also feels like I’m getting a mini facial massage when I use this cleansing stick. And you know that’s kinda amazing because a facial massage is known to boost the blood circulation that brings that brighter skin. 

It has a really great smell to it! Like a citrusy sweet scent that awakens my senses in the morning when I use it.

Here’s a bare faced me after using about two weeks using St. Ives cleansing stick! I’m liking my skin. I do see that my skin looks so fresh.
no makeup glowing skin

I love St. Ives also because their products are cruelty free and paraben free which are really good things! I would buy this product again when I run out of it and I would recommend it to you guys too! You can get St. Ives online or at local stores like Watsons.