One of the things I miss about the days pre-pandemic is going to the mall. Whether I’m actually out to shop or just to window shop, it gave me great pleasure to walk around the mall, going from one store to another. The Philippines, specifically, Metro Manila, we’re under what the government calls Enhanced Community Quarantine, which is supposed to be a lighter, less scarier term for lockdown so the malls are closed. But I’m still shopping from time to time, only this time, I’m shopping more online.

Here are some of the items I’ve shopped online since the ECQ began
To help prevent COVID-19
1. Zero Basics All Purpose Cleaner

Because according to studies, the virus can stick to surfaces for a couple of days, we’ve to clean house more so I bought a natural all-purpose cleaner from Zero Basics. We want to avoid the virus but I also want to prevent us from getting sick from inhaling too many chemicals.

2. Washable face masks

Wearing a mask when you go outside is now part of the new normal so I bought my mom and I these washable masks from Style Ana, It’s stylish. It’s cost-efficient. And it’s better for the environment because I don’t have to dispose this after using once.

Health and Fitness
Keeping a healthy immune system is always important. But even more so now I think because there is a deadly virus at loose. 
1. Multi-vitamins 
I buy from Watsons app these days not just for me but also for my family. Delivery time is fast enough – I got my orders more or less in five days after placing an order. I don’t mind paying the Php50 shipping fee because it helps lessen the time I go out.
2. Jump rope
With the ECQ in place, I also cannot go to the gym. But doing some exercise is also a good way to stay healthy so I still try to workout at home. Bought a jump rope from Lazada during the 5.5 sale so I can do more cardio workout and have fun at it too. Still waiting for that to arrive though.
3. Washable cloth napkin
Sanitary pads are plastics which cannot be recycled (cos why? Ew!)and also doesn’t degrade easily (it takes years!) so it just adds to the huge waste we humans produce. Not good for the environment. So finally I decided now that I’m just home, I’m going to try washable cloth napkins instead. It’s going to lessen the need for me to buy sanitary pads when it’s that time of the month.
4.  Weighing Scale
I’m not after weight loss right now. In fact I know that I have gained weight! But while that’s true, I don’t want to completely undo all the hardwork I’ve done at the gym so I want to watch my weight still and not let myself be overweight.

Since I sheltered in place, the beauty items I’ve bought are all skincare products. No makeup (though yes, Happy Skin and Ellana Minerals, I see you and I want those lippies you’re selling!) and no new clothes or shoes. Since the ECQ started, I’ve bought skincare items that are what I call essentials and items for pampering.

1. Serum 
While I love my Beach Born PH serums, I thought I’d switch it up to a new brand that’s more for anti-aging. The serums from Beach Born I used were more for to keep acne at bay and to smoothen skin. I was originally looking at Wildleaf products but they’re expensive and I’m trying to avoid big purchases these days. Also want to avoid using credit card. Luckily, I found one affordable from Zero Basics also which is also in a bigger size (100ml vs 30ml of Wildleaf).
2. Nourishing Moringa Face and Body Soap (photo above) 

This one’s part of those pamper me purchases. It promises to clean and moisturize my skin. Also it says it can help treat common skin issues. It’s also all-natural, made with pure plant-based glycerin, aloe vera, extra virgin coconut oil, moringa oil, moringa powder, and tea tree essential oil.

3. Pink clay face mask and tea tree soap 

Bought these from Beach Born back in March, when the ECQ had just started. I love Beach Born products and the clay mask is a new item. I bought it since I wanted to detox my skin, remove the deep seated dirt, toxins and excess oil which can also cause acne!

And speaking of acne, I’ve been suffering from body acne – more than ever I noticed. I read that tea tree helps to fight off acne, I bought the tea tree soap as well. Actually worked!

4. Sheet masks

Another pamper my skin item. I was pitching for a beauty account before which wanted to push for the use of masks more as part of women’s skincare routine and so it got me interested to try. And Ryan convinced to go for it when he shared that he’d been using face masks more often nowadays as part of his own skincare routine. His face looks amazing!

5. Lip scrub and moisturizer

Another Beach Born haul – bought the much raved about Balm Balm and their witch hazel moisturizer which I’ve been using for awhile now and I love! The Balm Balm is a lip scrub which can help slough off the dry skin from your chapped lips.

So that’s my ECQ shopping loot so far. Have you guys been buying stuff online too? What have you guys bought? I’d love to know!