I’m glad COVID-19 cases have been manageable lately despite OMICRON variant. I feel like we’re back to the old days where we can go out often. So how are things for me these days? From my March 2022 wrap up, I shared about feeling burned out. The good news is I’m no longer in that space. The recent vacations I took helped! And so for my May 2022 wrap up, I’m highlighting my recent travel adventures.

My Local Summer Vacations

I went on two summer beach vacations in May with my friends. The first one was Bohol with Nicole and it was a trip to remember for being a luxurious trip. It’s the first expensive local trip I’ve ever taken. I’m always staying in budget hotels which is understandable when going on tours since I only need a place to sleep in. But for beach travels? I’m trading up!

If you’re looking for a beautiful beach resort in Bohol, I recommend Mithi Resort and Spa

And just when I thought Bohol will be my only summer travel, another travel plan formed. The week after Bohol, I went to La Union with some other group of friends. This trip was originally set to happen back in April of 2020 but got cancelled due to lockdown. The trip to La Union was only a weekend getaway. We stayed at Shorebreak Hostel, which seems to be a fairly new accommodation in the area. Our agenda in La Union was not to swim or surf but to eat! Food trip in La Union!

With my usual travel buddies

A Not to be Missed Update in My May 2022 Wrap Up

Here’s another life update I cannot miss including in my May 2022 wrap up – face-to-face events are starting to come back. While I’ve been able to do most of the work at home for the past two years, it’s nice to do face-to-face events again.

Not to be msised in my May 2022 wrapup highlight is having physical events back.
Had to document my first face to face event in more than 2 years with my work colleagues

May 2022 Wrap Up: Movies and Series I’ve Enjoyed Watching

I haven’t been able to pick up a new book to read but I watched a lot of series and movies in May.

  • Suits – You’ve probably heard of this series. After all, the Duchess of Sussex was one of the main cast in the show. I highly enjoyed watching this series. I thought Harvey Specter and Mike Ross were really great together and badass too. I love how they liked to reference movies in the series however it didn’t work the same when Mike was no longer around to banter with Harvey.
  • Bridgerton – A little late to the game, but I fell in love with it when I finally watched the series. Yes, the Duke, Simon’s a hottie. Though I didn’t mind that he wasn’t in Season 2. I was too invested in Anthony and Kate’s love story which I loved better than Simon and Daphne. I’m excited for Season 3!
  • Stranger Things – Netflix finally dropped Season 4 of Stranger Things. The kids are so grown up now, aren’t they? I binged watch the series in two days! It’s just so thrilling! Waiting for July to watch more of it.
  • The Lincoln Lawyer – So this was a Netflix recommendation which most likely stemmed from the fact that I watched Suits. I liked Mickey Haller and was very keen on finding out how he would defend Trevor Elliot. And if there was a Season 2, I’d watch this crime drama again.

Back to High-Intensity Workouts

I’ve shared previously that I’ve been focusing on home workouts. Though I recently signed up for spinning classes at Ride Revolution since their studio opened up again. I’ve always wanted to come back to this workout after trying it out once a few years ago. I found my experience to be better this time around. Maybe it’s because I already know how to ride the exercise bike from all the indoor cycling classes I’ve done in the past and probably coupled with the fact that I’m attending the class with a like-minded friend.

Tired but absolutely happy that I got to do spinning.

I’m also glad this experience is turning out well for me. I paid for 5 classes after all so if I didn’t enjoy it the first time, I don’t know how I would get myself to come back. I probably won’t and that would be money down the drain! And from just one workout buddy, my circle has grown a bit since we were able to get two other friends to sign up as well. This is now our new Saturday thing – at least while we still have credits left.

Well, that’s about it for May! Definitely, it’s been an eventful month. And just like that, we’ve reached the second half of the year. I’m choosing to be hopeful while feeling determined to make things happen in my life.