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We will have the 1 year anniversary of the lockdown in the Philippines on March 15 which was done in a bid to prevent the spread of COVID-19. You know something though? I am sad and frustrated thinking how little progress we’ve achieved since then. However, I know that I can’t do much about our situation right now. I don’t want to spiral down into a depressive state of mind. This what happy looks like post is a continuous reminder that there’s still a lot of things to be happy about.

My Happy List

This is my biggest accomplishment in 2020 so it’s on top of my what happy looks like list! One big step towards reaching financial freedom!

  • Gardening

My plant collection is growing! Just this past month, I bought 5 new indoor plants! They seem to have replaced my love for shoes and clothes. It’s so relaxing to see them all around.

Mom and I have been bonding over gardening. I can’t believe it took me this long to realize the happiness in seeing a new leaf budding!

  • A nice wall décor

I’ve always wanted to get a wall décor for my room and in February, I got my wish thanks to Photowall!

  • Dried flowers

I bought a couple of dried flowers on my most recent trip to the supermarket. Now it’s a part of the happy spot in my work desk that I look at everyday. Still mulling about getting fresh flowers though for the living room! That would be a pretty sight to see; fragrant too.

  • A puppy

Our tenant recently got a puppy. Doesn’t have a breed but she’s absolutely the cutest thing! When she’s around, I make time to play with her and feed her occasionally. Pets are such blessings!

  • Scented candles

I only learned to appreciate scented candles too during lockdown. My favorite scents are vanilla and cocoa.

  • Making a sale

I made a few sales on Carousell this past couple of months. My small garden shop business also got a sale! Check it out at The Garden Titas of Manila. We’re currently catering to Metro Manila and nearby cities.     

  • Coffee and conversations with my closest friends

A day having coffee and conversations with my closest friends is a simple pleasure that’s makes me happy these days. We no longer hang out as often as before for safety reasons and so I relish a once a month meet up with them. It’s a much needed mental health break.

  • Donning pretty sleepwear

You know what’s awesome? Slipping on a comfortable and pretty sleepwear after a long day. This has become one of my favorite things now too!  

Been thinking of buying more sleepwear actually! Here are a few I’ve been eyeing on.

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  • Getting shortlisted for a pitch

I talked about how work was so busy in my January wrap up post. This pitch contributed to the busyness. Found out earlier that we were shortlisted for a final pitch. I feel so validated.

What’s on your what happy looks like list these days?