I took this photo the last time I was at Mall of Asia. Not a lot of vehicles nor people milling around. Probably some are already choosing to stay home and cancelling plans to go out. The cases were already rising to scary levels again during this time. It makes me miss how life used to be.

Actually, there are so many things I wish I did and miss doing pre-pandemic. Took a lot of things for granted before. I always thought I’d have the time to do them, you know? But COVID-19 has shaken that belief to the core. With the vaccine rollout, some parts of the world have started going back to a semblance of normal. Right now, all I am is jealous of those people as the situation isn’t the same in the Philippines. I keep the faith alive that one day soon we’ll also get back to the way things were. After the pandemic, life can be very busy and hectic again. There’s going to be a freedom of mobility again after all. Still, there are certain things this pandemic has taught me. These learnings I’m taking to heart so I won’t find myself shoulda-woulda-couldaing again.

When this is all over, these would be some of the changes I would do in my life.

  1. No more being a gym rat

I still plan to continue to working out at the gym but I won’t be spending hours there anymore! Pre-pandemic, I would stay at the gym a lot, killing time waiting to attend classes. I resolve to spend no more than an hour or two of my time at the gym moving forward.

2. Make concrete plans to go places

I have so many places I want to go to! I could list a lot! And I used to always tell my best friends specially that we should go. Mai Ann and I even had plans to do museum hopping but we kept putting it off. I kept putting it off. I won’t do that anymore. When this is all over, I’m going to make plans with my friends and pushing through with it. In fact, these would be some of the places in the Metro alone that I would go to.

But also I want to say yes more when it’s my friends who invite me to go somewhere even just to hang out.

3. Spend more time with my family

I was hardly ever home before the pandemic. It’s as if I was only home to sleep. I forgot how much I’ve loved living in this old house with my family.

Mom and I hardly spent time together pre-pandemic. Due to the ongoing lockdowns, I’m always home with her nowadays. I’ve loved being able to spend more time with her. I want to continue doing that even when it’s safe to roam around again. Even if it’s just to eat lunch or dinner together, I resolve to do that.

When this is all over, I want to also spend more time with my extended family. This goes specially true for the ones who live near us. I’m going to invite my cousins and uncle over. I will throw a feast even without an occasion because it’s the perfect reason to get together.

4. Make more time for my hobbies and interests

I let the hecticness of work and gym consume all my time before. Hardly ever had time to read my books or update my blog. I’m able to do these two things more nowadays since life has slowed way down. When things are normal again, I don’t want to find myself saying I’m too busy again. I’m going to make time for these hobbies.

This goes the same for gardening too which has been another stress relieving outlet. Will continue to make time to tend to my plants.

5. Continue mindful living

I think I share this sentiment with a lot of others. We were so caught up with the hustle and bustle of everyday life before. I rarely stopped to smell the roses. Nowadays, I’m able to notice and appreciate things more than ever. Birds chirping by my bedroom window. How my mom lovingly takes care of the garden. The sun streaming in to my bedroom through the open window. I’ve loved my slow mornings where I can happily sip and savor my cup of coffee.

I want to continue living a mindful life even when we are free from COVID-19 pandemic. I feel happier living this way. Here’s a good read on how to be mindful.

Do you have anything you’d like to change or continue doing even after pandemic?