Well hello there, month of June! Who can believe we’ve already reached mid year of 2021? Mid year and still quarantine and just about time for my May Wrap Up post. How have things been for you guys? On my last wrapup post, I talked about my coping mechanisms – the things I’ve been doing to keep my sanity in check.

Was May a better month for me? Only a little. I still feel frustrated not just about the government’s COVID-19 response but also on a persona level. I’m still struggling to figure out my next career move. What do I do next? I’m looking for clarity on that. Over the last few months, I’ve had really capable colleagues who’ve chosen to resign even in the midst of the pandemic. Every time, it makes me sad and somehow, I’ve found myself envious. They knew what they wanted to do. I hope and I pray I would also find my path. While I try to figure that out, I’ll be here, making the most out of where I am.

Out and About

One of the things I want to highlight in this May Wrap Up post is that I went out. Not just for essential things. The government lifted ECQ in May and we downgraded to MECQ then later on to GCQ. It meant some of the businesses were allowed to open again. It’s still not super safe to go out for non essential things but I would allow myself to go out from time to time to break the monotony of being home everyday. I went out with my friends for a short meet up and went exploring a little bit around Makati. I talked a little bit more about it in my other blog, Liz in the City.

may wraup highlight: dessert from monowine cafe

One of the highlights of that weekend exploration is this burnt basque cheesecake. I still remember its delicious taste up to this day and actually craving for it again.

May Wrap Up Highlight: Mom Got Vaxxed

Last month, my mom also finally got her fist vaccine shot from Astrazeneca. After two failed attempts, she was finally vaccinated last month. I feel a little relief from knowing she’s on her way to getting protected from this deadly virus that has affected our lives. Can’t wait for the rest of us to get our shots too!

Reading Progress

I was able to finish another book last month from Jasmine Guillory called The Proposal. That ups my 2021 GoodReads Reading Challenge to 5! Still a long way to go to reach my 20 books goal for the year but I’ll get there. I’ve come back to reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin and am also looking at reading another book from Jojo Moyes though I haven’t started that yet.

May Wrap Up: Blogging Updates

Early this year, I got my first sponsored post from Payu2Blog and finally got paid for it last month! Currently, I’m using any money I get from blogging to paying off my other credit card. My goal is to zero out one more credit card this year to help me become financially independent.


In my March wrapup post, I talked about propagating some plants. and now in this May Wrap Up post, I’m sharing some progress. One of which was the snake plant. In April, it started sprouting new leaves and so mom and I decided to transfer those new growth in a new pot further. Also, I got an unexpected surprise from that propagation. I found another plant that grew in the same pot of my propagated snake plant, the alocasia plant so we transferred that too. Oh and my calathea arrow root plant also had new growths so mom decided to transfer that instead of letting it grow on the side of the pot of the original plant. Lastly, mom and I repotted her jade succulent. We’re hoping to save it. Its original container didn’t have holes to drain water out and we only got around to repotting it recently.

May Wrap Up highlight: plant propagation

And well, I couldn’t help myself. I bought new plants again! Growing these babies really help me cope and of course, hopefully when they grow nicely, I’ll propagate them and sell them too in my small IG shop, The Garden Titas of Manila. If you’re a plant lover based in Manila, please support this small business I established with my friend.

That’s it for now for this May Wrap Up post.