Feature photo credit: Queer Eye Facebook

I felt good coming into the new year. As I said in my 2021 wrapped-up post, I am choosing to feel hopeful despite what’s happening in the world right now. Such perfect timing that when I opened Netflix recently, I saw that Queer Eye is back for season 6! I’ve loved watching this Netflix reality series since it started.

What is Queer Eye?

Okay so before I talk more about Queer Eye and season 6 in particular, I want to give you a backgrounder on this Netflix reality series, in case you’re not familiar. It’s an American reality TV series with 5 experts who help people make better wardrobe choices, better grooming, diet, home decor and cultural pursuits. It’s a reboot of Bravo’s Queer Eye for the Straight Guy which aired on cable back in 2003.

Queer Eye is an award-winning show that features a new “Fab Five”: food and wine expert, Antoni Porowski, grooming expert, Jonathan Van Ness, culture expert, Karamo Brown, fashion expert, Tan France and design expert, Bobby Berk. Unlike its predecessor, the reboot features representation from the LGBT community and communities of color.

Why I Love this Netflix Reality Series

  • The Makeover. Of course, first and foremost, I love this Netflix reality series because it’s all about a makeover! I’ve loved watching makeover shows since I was a teen. And when I mean makeover, I mean not just fashion and beauty. I enjoy home decor makeover shows too. Queer Eye gives me both! I love seeing the physical transformations of the participants and the before and after of transformation of their homes too! So amazing!
  • The Fab Five. I never saw the original series so I can’t compare this team from the other. So I’ll just focus on what I love about this team. I think they’ve got such great chemistry as a team. Each of them brings something to the show other than their expertise. I love hearing Tan France speak ‘cos he’s got such a nice British accent. Jonathan’s got that always-on personality and I think that if you ever need a cheerleader in your life, you gotta have a friend like Jonathan! Anthoni’s my fave though. He’s so adorably cute! But they’re all so fun to watch as they each do their magic to help their hero.
  • That uplifting feeling. Overall, what I love about Queer Eye is it’s more than just a makeover show! Yes, it’s got those and gotta love those QE Tips but I also love their words of wisdom. During this time of a pandemic, who can’t use some uplifting? I know I am taking in each and every message and soaking in all the good feelings courtesy of Queer Eye.

What’s New to Love on Queer Eye’s Season 6?

So for the sixth season of Queer Eye, the fab five goes to Texas to help transform the lives of some everyday heroes from the Lone Star state. I think it’s my favorite season thus far.

First and foremost, the pandemic is right in the center of things here. It talked of the struggles of some of their everyday heroes during this time of COVID. There’s Jereka, a doctor who selflessly dedicates all her time and energy to the community even at the expense of her own personal time. A talented baker who opened her shop just before the pandemic and lockdowns began and struggles to keep her business afloat. And there’s a group of high school kids who just wants to have an unforgettable prom night. Each of the heroes in this season are seriously worthy of being helped by the Fab Five team!

My favorite episodes from this season are Angel Get Hers Wings and the Mis-Inspiration of Reggie Devore. Angel Get Hers Wings is about a trans powerlifter who feels so confident at the gym but struggles to feel that way in other areas of her life. She’s also got a strained relationship with her father. I cried so much watching this episode. She’s such a sweetheart and I love that the Fab Five were able to help give her a life makeover.

On the other hand, I loved the latter episode because I feel like I can relate to Reggie. He’s a talented rapper who lost his passion when a global pandemic put his career on hold. And I love how the Fab Five encouraged him to find it again.

I think Queer Eye as a show really grew this season and I’d say kudos to the team for being better. No wonder it’s the Queer Eye team’s favorite season so far. It really went deep like tug-at-your-heartstrings-make-you-reflect-on-your-own-life kind of deep this season. I just recently finished watching Queer Eye season 6 and I’m glad it’s the series to kick start my year. It was entertaining, heartwarming, and truly inspirational to watch.