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Today I’m going to share my latest set of bath and skincare empties. The products I’ll be talking about below are a mix of natural products and drugstore products.

Beauty Empties

Yves Rocher Sebo Pure Vegetal Toner

bath and skincare empties review

The first time I talked about this brand was from when I shared my first skincare empties post. I was drawn to Yves Rocher because it’s a beauty brand that’s concerned about the environment. Their products’ ingredients are of natural origins.

This toner was one of the two skincare products that I bought from Yves Rocher and it’s from their Anti Pollution line if I remember correctly what the saleslady told me. I was convinced at the time since I was often out and about and Metro Manila’s air is very polluted! I figured this would be perfect in helping clean up the impurities in my skin from all that. Also, it was on sale so I was convinced to buy as I’ve been curious enough about the brand’s products effectiveness.

Will I Buy Again?

Not really. First and foremost is because I honestly didn’t see any effect on my skin. At a time when I was experiencing really bad breakouts, I hoped it would help dry my pimples out but it didn’t. I guess it’s not the right product for my skin though there really are beauty bloggers who rave about this brand. So if you want to try this toner out, you can buy it here.

Beachborn Witch Anti Blemish Balancing Cream

bath and skincare emptiess beachborn moisturizer

I’ve shared it before in the blog how I love beachborn brand. It’s been great at keeping me from having acne breakouts.

Will I Buy Again?

Absolutely! It’s so effective and affordable too! You can check out beachborn products here.

Apotheke Brightening Night Serum

The first time I tried anything from this local brand was last year when I bought their spot treatment which helped dry out the huge pimple that was in my neck. I was definitely impressed about how effective it was that I even shared about my experience in the blog.

When the pimple finally healed though, I had another problem to deal with – dark spots! The same friend who recommended Apotheke spot treatment to me also told me about this brightening night serum. Its ingredients include arbutin, retinol, and aloesin and they work to stop melanin production.

Will I Buy Again?

I’m such a happy user of Apotheke now. It really did help to banish the dark spots in my neck so this product is now in my automatic replenish list of skincare products. It’s also affordable, less than Php300! If you’re also suffering from dark spots, you can buy this from Apotheke’s official store in Shopee.

Luxe Organix Aqua Daily Sunscreen

This is the first product I checked out from this local brand which I spotted when I was browsing Watson’s app. I was on the market to replenish my face sunscreen, Biore but I bought this instead. It’s cheaper but it’s also lightweight so no greasy feeling on the skin.

Will I Buy Again?

Actually, I just bought this again when I went to Watson’s in SM Makati recently.

Bath Empties

Yves Rocher Body Wash

skincare and bathtime empties body wash

I really was into Yves Rocher in late 2019 and since I was able to finally use them all up recently, two of the brand’s products have made it to my bath and skincare empties list. I remember always dropping by the store in Robinson’s Manila when I was killing time before my personal training session or Body Jam group class would start. The store had a Christmas sale then and I thought I’d give this body wash to one of my friends as a gift. Well, as you know, I never did get around to that since I love the scent and I decided I’d use it myself! Vanilla is my favorite scent.

I’m glad I kept this to myself because it sure made me happy whenever I smelled that scent. I used this only on weekends. Didn’t have plans to go out since there’s a scary virus around but at least bath time was fun! I’d even layer it on with the vanilla scented lotion I also bought from Yves Rocher which got my skin smeeling oh-so-sweet!

Will I Buy Again?

I love this body wash from Yves Rocher and I would recommend it! But if sweet smelling body washes aren’t your thing, you can still check out Yves Rocher’s store as they have a lot of other body wash scents available.

Nivea Sunscreen

This was one of the products I bought a day before the ECQ was implemented. People were stocking up on vitamins and masks that time. I was replenishing my beauty items. Does this small bottle actually last a year? Well, no, I don’t think so. It just so happened really that I wasn’t very religious in applying body sunscreen last year. I knew I still needed to even though I was indoors most of the time to protect my skin from UVA Rays.

Will I Buy Again?

Wearing sunscreen is necessary even indoors but I read that the common chemicals found in them harm the reefs so I switched to a more environment friendly brand.

BeachBorn Bath and Body Oil

I’ve always been more of a body lotion kind of girl after bath time. But since I’ve been looking for ways to simple ways to pamper myself, I thought I’d give bath and body oils a try. I read that body oil has a lot of benefits such as moisturizing skin and also increases one’s level of relaxation! With all the things going on in the country and in my personal life, I’ll do whatever I can to help my state of mind,

Will I Buy Again?

Definitely will! I don’t only love beachborn products, they also do refills so I won’t have to throw this bottle away. You can buy this product from their Shopee store.

RRAW Ocean Pink Salt Sea Soap Bar

A few months ago, I was targeted by an Instagram ad from this brand, RRAW Philippines. As I’m always on the lookout for natural skincare products to try, I checked it out. Good thing they have Shopee store. I had some acne on my arms that I wanted to treat so I was thought I’d give this a whirl. Himalayan salt offers plenty of skincare benefits!

Will I Buy Again?

Yes! I really saw my body acne clear up from using this daily. This was more effective in helping me clear up my skin than tea tree soap was.

Martha’s Handmade Lavender Chamomile Lotion

And the last item for this bath and skincare empties post is this lotion I bought from Marta’s Handmade. This is one of the products I bought as part of my health and beauty shopping haul a couple months back.

I struggled to sleep a few months back. Every night I would toss and turn because there was just so many things going on in my head. So I bought this lavender and chamomile lotion and I’d apply it in my body before going to bed to help me ease my mind and condition my body to sleep. It was helpful! Yes I still have things bothering me and I still have to do something about it. The lotion is just a temporary fix.

Will I Buy Again?

I loved the relaxing scent and that it’s all natural. But I won’t buy this again since it’s just small. Since I use this every night, it’s easy to consume a bottle in just a couple of months. I’m looking for something bigger. Luckily I still have time to look around since I was given another lavender lotion by my aunt.

So that’s all for my bath and skincare empties review right now.