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I’ve got another set of product empties that I’d like to share with you all. My new set of empties are all about skincare, bath products and a bit of haircare. Read more below to see the products.

RRAW Skin Honey Face Moisturizer

Product Empties: RRaw Honey Moisturizer

I replaced my witch hazel moisturizer after a friend told me it can be drying on the skin. All along I thought I was doing my skin a favor! Skincare with witch hazel ingredient on it has become my go-to for controlling acne breakouts which I was getting often since the lockdown began. But I continued using it even after because I thought it was better to prevent the pimples from popping out! Well the breakout stopped but I was still getting a pimple or two – big ones so I thought it was because of my moisturizer.

I bought this together with the Ocean Pink Salt Sea Soap bar some time ago. The product is thick and creamy. Also smells wonderful! Plus it’s got SPF too! Though of course I still use a separate sunscreen. SPF in this product’s just a plus for me!

Do I Recommend This?

Yes! I was very happy with my experience using this moisturizer. It feels like my skin is soft and glowing! The only gripe I had about it was more about the shipping. It takes longer to get delivered probably because it’s coming all the way from Iloilo! Yup, it’s a local brand. I really support local brands more these days.

Apotheke Firming Toner

The next one up on my product empties list is this toner from Apotheke Science. Since I’ve loved the other products of this local skincare brand because it’s so effective, I decided to try out their firming toner. I was sold reading on the description:

Clears and cleanses, tightens and brightens skin tone. Closes pores and fires up skin without drying. 

Ingredient wise it still has witch hazel extract in it though it’s just one of many other ingredients. Didn’t say I was giving up on skincare products that has it! I really believe in the effectiveness of witch hazel for drying out pimples.

The bottle comes with a spritzer which I like! I just spray a few mists on my face and use my fingers to spread it around rather than use cotton balls. Did you guys know that it’s actually better to apply the toner directly on your face? The skin absorbs it better. Plus with less use of cotton balls, I’m also reducing my waste! Two birds with one stone for the win!

Do I Recommend This?

Yes, yes, yes! So effective and affordable to boot!

Human Nature Vanilla Exfoliating Bar

bath product empties

This was one of my Watson’s haul about a month ago when I decided to finally spend the Php500 Sodexo gift certificate I won from SM’s Twitter contest before. Human Nature was one of the very first local and natural brands I’ve supported because there’s a store near our office. I usually shop for Human Nature products online these days since I’ve been working from home. But when I think of Human Nature, I think of my friends from work and the times we used to visit the store. Whether it was to buy our skin or bath essentials or simply window shopping to destress, we were often at Human Nature.

This is my first time to try a soap from Human Nature. In hindsight, I shouldn’t have used this daily. It’s an exfoliating soap after all! The texture of the soap is rough on the skin. Does it smell good? Actually, the smell of vanilla on this soap is very faint. I was hoping it would be strong. I love them fragrant bath products! Makes bath time more fun.

Do I Recommend This?

I think if you’re not after a powerful scent, then this is okay. I might even buy this again after I finish with the body scrub I’m using. At least this one’s a bar than a scrub in a bottle.

The Wholesome Bar Rose and Frankincense Beauty Soap

So I didn’t buy this soap. It was a freebie when I bought a conditioner bar from the shop. Isn’t that awesome? Got a whole bar of soap for free! Unlike the Human Nature soap I bought, you can really smell this soap’s aroma! Since that seller was nice enough to give me this, I figured the least I could do is leave a review by including it in my product empties post.

Do I Recommend It?

I do! It’s nice on the skin plus it’s fragrant! Relaxing to smell so best to use it I would say at night to wash away the stress of the work day. Also think it’s perfect to use on a weekend because you know, weekends are all about rest and rejuvenation.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Okay so this isn’t the kind of skincare that you would use daily. And I’m not talking about a specific brand with regards to this. But I used this on my skin and now I’ve fully consumed it. Guys, I just want to say that if you’ve got rashes, applying virgin coconut oil on the affected area will help calm your skin’s flare up and itchiness! A couple of months back when the summer heat was so intense, you’d sweat even when you’re just standing inside your house, I had another kind of breakout. That’s right, rashes! On my arms.

When I was a kid, my mom would apply Caladryl on my rashes. But I haven’t actually seen Caladryl lotion in pharmacies for years now. Is it still available? Well, anyway, in search of a natural solution to my skin dilemma, I read about the effectiveness of coconut oil on the world wide web. I bought a bottle and whenever I have rashes, I apply this! Been such a help!

Do I Recommend This?

Obviously the answer is yes! And again, I’m not recommending any specific brand. Just the product itself – coconut oil

Wildleaf’s Witch Hazel Rosy Toner

A product empties review of Wildleaf toner

I love buying Wildleaf products directly from their site because I get a lot of product freebies. One of which is this witch hazel rosy toner. Thank goodness for samples! I’m in between toners right now since I’ve used up my Apotheke toner. I haven’t replenished it because well, I’m low on cash and payday isn’t here yet!

Anyway so this toner’s close enough to my Apotheke one which I fully intend to use again. Same as my old toner, its purpose is to tone, soften and hydrate skin. And because I used this, I thought I’d include it too on this batch of product empties I’m reviewing.

Do I Recommend This?

I think Wildleaf products are also highly effective in addressing skincare issues and needs so if you don’t mind spending a bit more, then buy! 100ml bottle of this product is costed at Php690.

L’Oreal Professionel Serioxyl Anti-Hair Loss and Anti-Hair Thinning Denser Hair Serum

L'Oreal Professionel Serioxyl product empties review

Last item on this batch of product empties is this hair care product I bought last year before this prolonged quarantine we have going on was implemented. I’ve been struggling with a bit of hair loss and thinning hair! Might be my hair punishing me for subjecting it to all those years of harmful hair coloring with bleaching.

This isn’t the first product I ever tried to address my hair problem. I’ve tried hair vitamins. Another hair serum brand that also promised to give me denser hair. I even went as far as buying Kerastase Densifique line – yes the complete line! That was the most expensive purchase I ever made in my life for hair care!

This was my last costly attempt at addressing the problem. L’Oreal Professionel Serioxyl line is a little more affordable than its sister brand, Kerastase. A bottle of this cost around Php2k. Still expensive even though not Kerastase line expensive. I bought a pack of 3 of this hair serum product last year. It promises 1000 new hairs in 6 weeks. 1600 new hairs in 3 months.

Instruction said apply it daily, 4 pipettes of the serum dropped directly on my clean scalp. It’s a leave on product and I used it at night. Not religiously though. Why? Before all this quarantine, it was because I was too tired at night that I forget to apply it! Second was I didn’t want to consume it all so fast. I knew I couldn’t afford to replenish my supply instantly.

Do I Recommend This?

Well I honestly can’t tell if it worked so buy at your own risk. Only suspect it did somewhat. But the only way to confirm is via a scalp test. I used to get one for free at the Kerastase stall at the SM Department store in Mall of Asia. That’s really how I got convinced to buy Kerastase in the first place! Nagpabudol ako! LOL!

So that’s it for this set of product empties review! ‘Til the next review guys!